Leader: Bill DeWitt

The mission…if you decide to accept is... Operation His Heart,Our Hands

Jesus speaks many times through His Word about the importance of children.  He uses children and the example of their faith to show us how faith really works.  So simple...yet so powerful.  Cerbat has an enrollment of about 630 - 670 children.  It is a Title 1 school with a  65-78% poverty level...and it is in our NEIGHBORHOOD.  In our own church family we have a number of people who work at the school and they see the needs are first hand.   The list is as follows: 

School Supplies -  markers, crayons, pencils, notebooks, paper, rulers, glue, glue sticks, colored pencils, etc.  -  Lice Treatment – GENERIC works the best  -  Shoes – preferably new.  -  Paper  -  reams of white (for teachers)  -  Construction Paper    

School supplies this year appear to have doubled...but you can find some deals out there.  Each item you bring in makes a BIG - BIG- BIG difference.   If you have any questions...please contact a Mission Team Member.