Refuge Youth Ministry




Refuge is the Youth Group of 7th-12th grades at College Park Baptist Church in Kingman AZ. We consist of a group of dedicated youth leaders and students intent on developing our relationships with God and each other through discipleship, Bible study, worship, prayer and fellowship.  Follow us on Facebook.


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Refuge’s Mission

Youth Ministry at College Park Baptist in Kingman Arizona is based upon the Christian faith as revealed in the Bible. Our main goal is to introduce students to Jesus through evangelism and to encourage Christian growth through discipleship. This process happens through our churches mission to create an atmosphere that makes the gospel of Jesus Christ compelling and spiritual growth vital; producing outreach, personal evangelism and Christian service.

Refuge’s Method

Refuge consists of Jr. & Sr. High school students (7th-12th) grade in Kingman AZ and staff that meet twice a week for fellowship, worship and Bible study. These meetings are designed to provide students with the opportunity to worship, learn, fellowship and function as active members of Christ’s body.

We also host a monthly activity designed to foster fellowship, service and outreach, as well as Winter and Summer camp.

Meeting times are:

  • Sunday Mornings, 9:45-10:30 a.m.
  • Thursday Evenings 6:30-8:30 p.m. 

Refuge’s Purpose

The purpose of Refuge ministry in Kingman AZ is to provide parents with a useful tool to help shepherd and grow their students in Christ-likeness. It is our goal to understand the uniqueness of each student and seek to adapt our shepherding to their particular needs.

While Refuge serves an important role in the life of our church, it is by no means mandatory for students to attend, nor does it function as a separate ministry outside of the overall ministry of College Park Baptist Church in Kingman AZ.