Sunday Morning BIBLE STUDY
Leader: Josh Seibert

Our Sunday Morning BIBLE STUDY hour has classes for all ages!!!

It is our goal that people of all ages will learn the Bible in depth and be able to apply God's Word to their daily life. We accomplish this by having material that is appropriate for each age group and by training our teachers. We also evaluate the materials we use and try to improve over time.

Our classes are taught by the following individuals.

We have a staffed nursery for children under three years.
Children 3 years to 4 years - Connie Wegsheid/Lisa Allen
Children 5 to 6 - Annie Bougher
Children 7 to 9 -  Leah eads
Children 10 to 12 -  Deborah Goreham
Youth - Josh Seibert
Special Education Class - Lynn Wells
ADULT Teachers: Matt Chmiel/Brain Cox, Jerry Cook, Randy Brannon, Steve Devries.

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